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Barrel Wine Shop + Cook-Ing

Our Wine Shop is located at Nieuwe Ebbingestraat 23 in Groningen. Here you can find (most) wines from our winebar to take home. Favorites that we usually try out first in the Winebar are found on the shelves here. In the weekends we usually also have a few wines open to taste.

That’s not all! we provide wine tasting and courses, wine & food tastings and private dining in our tasting room, in the back of the shop. The beautiful kitchen with large tasting table is also home to Cook-Ing. Inge cooks organic, vegetarian & personal here: she provides tailor-made meals, lunches, workshops and catering to your liking! Barrel & Cook-Ing work together a lot.

The tasting room can also be hired for meetings or other gatherings, whether or not in combination with a tasting, lunch or dinner. Contact us for the possibilities.

The wines that are on offer in our store are also available through our webshop. We deliver throughout the Netherlands. Are you missing something, or do you have a specific wish? Please let us know. We have much more than can be found on this website and, if desired, we are happy to find unique wines for you!


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